Market leader

In Germany as well as in Europe, we are the market leader in penetration testing and have gathered many years of experience in numerous successful projects. Our customers are large and medium-sized companies – many of which we have been supporting for several years on all matters relating to IT security. 

Product independence

Our testing approach is generally independent of individual products or manufacturers. We can therefore guarantee that our customers receive objective results in written and electronic form. As part of the documentation, SySS provides technical, but no product recommendations to improve security standards. 


The IT scenery and current trends are rapidly changing. Therefore, we constantly monitor and observe upcoming IT trends and movements – and continuously improve qualifications through seminars and training. Our IT security consultants are excellently trained and always informed about the latest standards. We share our knowledge – also in print and TV media.


Our products are supported by a value-added written documentation our customers receive after the test. This report is reviewed for technical and linguistic accuracy in a two-step quality assurance process. The documentation may also provide a basis for negotiations regarding a follow-up test or an adequate follow-up of the identified weaknesses.


We have formulated ethical principles for penetration testers published in the journal "Datenschutz und Datensicherheit – DuD" in 2009. In all our projects, we proceed according to these principles and we are well aware of our responsibility.

SySS handles security issues with full responsibility. New vulnerabilities are generally reported according to the company's 'responsible disclosure' process.

About Us

Founded by managing director Sebastian Schreiber, SySS GmbH has become a successful and rapidly growing IT security company since 1998. We are a professional partner for small and medium-sized companies as well as for global corporations.

As a vendor-independent company, we are the market leader in the field of IT security tests in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). In 2018, we founded an Austrian subsidiary based in Vienna, SySS Cyber Security GmbH.

Our staff has now grown to approx. 130 employees encompassing many years of experience and up-to-date knowledge.

Thus, our projects rely on a pool of relevant work experience and comprehensive technical expertise.

We are constantly developing, expanding and improving our technological know-how. In order to keep up with the state-of-the-art technology, we have set up an R&D team (Research and Development) that conducts joint research and development.

Customer service

SySS GmbH offers its services to businesses of any size or branch. Besides many medium-sized companies, we also count 60 large corporations to our valuable customers. Since customer satisfaction is our first priority, we offer our customers the possibility to personally accompany the security tests in order to get a better insight into our working methods.

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DO NOT HESITATE TO GET IN TOUCH +49 (0)7071 - 40 78 56-0 or | OUTSIDE REGULAR OFFICE Hours CALL +49 (0)7071 - 40 78 56-99

DO NOT HESITATE TO GET IN TOUCH +49 (0)7071 - 40 78 56-0 or

OUTSIDE REGULAR OFFICE Hours CALL +49 (0)7071 - 40 78 56-99


+49 (0)7071 - 40 78 56-0 or


+49 (0)7071 - 40 78 56-99