Digital forensics and incident response

Digital forensics

Digital forensics aims at acquiring and analyzing data in IT systems that is admissible in court. In case of abuse or suspected abuse, SySS GmbH provides assistance in realizing all required steps and measures to implement a digital forensic operation: 

  • Securing evidence from various types of devices that is admissible in court proceedings
  • Post-attack analysis of log files
  • Detection of undesirable network activity

SySS GmbH operates its own forensic laboratory and holds a comprehensive set of software and hardware tools to ensure the most efficient processing of any occurring incidence.

In the event of a security incidence

In the event of a security incidence

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Incident Response

Given the increasing quality of security attacks on company's IT networks, a structured approach facilitates a rapid resolution of the incidents and the re-establishment of a safe status. Thanks to our many years of experience in detecting and assessing security gaps, we also have the necessary know how to provide assistance beyond the mere analysis effort.

  • Investigation and appraisal of attacks on your company network
  • Provision of support in case of cyber espionage and advanced persistent threats (APT)
  • Competent telephone advice
  • Individual workshops and trainings for your IT security staff

We are active members of the International Responder-Community, the Alliance for Cyber Security of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and BITKOM. Professional training and creative solution strategies are an integral part of our day-to-day business.