Live Hacking: Raising Awareness

Live hacking is a successful and impressive demonstration of how easy it is to gain access to third-party data without any authorization.

A live hacking event can help raising awareness among executives and employees, or it can be integrated into any other event for entertainment. 

We offer a wide range of topics: It's up to you!

Choose experienced IT security consultants or SySS managing director Sebastian Schreiber as speakers.

Together with to your order we require a completed checklist. This enables us to organize a successful event with optimum conditions.

Checklist for your Live Hack

Everything at a glance for a successful presentation.

Interested in booking a Live Hack?

Interested in booking a Live Hack?

Bettina Hügel
+49 (0)7071 - 40 78 56-6176

Possible topics

  • Attacks against Windows systems
  • Attacks against web applications
  • Attacks against apps and mobile devices
  • Banking attacks
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Attacks on hardware devices
  • Other special attacks, e.g. denial-of-service, SMS spoofing