-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 Advisory ID: SYSS-2016-009 Product: Sophos UTM 525 Full Guard Vendor: Sophos Affected Version(s): 9.352-6, 94988 Tested Version(s): 9.352-6, 94988 Vulnerability Type: Cross-Site Scripting (CWE-79) Risk Level: Medium Solution Status: Fixed Vendor Notification: 2016-02-03 Solution Date: 2016-02-17 Public Disclosure: 2016-03-01 CVE Reference: Not assigned Author of Advisory: Dr. Adrian Vollmer (SySS GmbH) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Overview: The Sophos UTM 525 is a hardware appliance which aims to provide several protection mechanisms for users and servers in an enterprise environment. One if its functions is a Web Application Firewall (WAF). The software manufacturer describes the application as follows (see [1]): Sophos UTM 525 is designed to provide protection for larger enterprises. Based on high quality Intel-compatible server systems, including Intel Multi-Core processor technology and redundant hard disks and power supplies, it provides optimal performance and reliability even for larger environments. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vulnerability Details: The SySS GmbH identified a text-book Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability. Inserting an HTML 'script' tag into the URL of a web site protected by Sophos UTM 525 yields an error page which contains the 'script' tag unfiltered. Executing malicious JavaScript code in the victim's browser is therefore straightforward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Proof of Concept (PoC): The following Unix command demonstrates the vulnerability. $ curl 'https://[HOST]/%3Cscript%3Ealert("SySS%20XSS")%3C/script%3E' Request blocked

Request blocked

The web application firewall has blocked access to / for the following reason:

No signature

The unfiltered 'script' tag is visible in the HTML source of the response and the contained JavaScript code will be executed in the victim's browser. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Solution: Update the firmware to version 9.354 or later [4]. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclosure Timeline: 2015-11-24: Vulnerability discovered 2016-02-03: Vulnerability reported to vendor 2016-02-17: Release of version 9.354 2016-03-01: Public release of security advisory ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ References: [1] www.sophos.com/en-us/medialibrary/PDFs/factsheets/sophosutm525dsna.pdf?la=en-us [2] SySS GmbH, SYSS-2016-009 https://www.syss.de/fileadmin/dokumente/Publikationen/Advisories/2016/SYSS-2016-009.txt [3] SySS GmbH, SySS Responsible Disclosure Policy https://www.syss.de/en/news/responsible-disclosure-policy/ [4] https://blogs.sophos.com/2016/02/17/utm-up2date-9-354-released/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Credits: Security vulnerability found by Dr. Adrian Vollmer of SySS GmbH. E-Mail: adrian.vollmer@syss.de Public Key: https://www.syss.de/fileadmin/dokumente/PGPKeys/Adrian_Vollmer.asc Key ID: 0x037C9FE7 Key Fingerprint: 70CF E88C AEE7 DB0F 5DC8 3403 0E02 7C7E 037C 9FE7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer: The information provided in this security advisory is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind. Details of this security advisory may be updated in order to provide as accurate information as possible. The latest version of this security advisory is available on the SySS Web site. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright: Creative Commons - Attribution (by) - Version 3.0 URL: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJW1XPsAAoJEA4CfH4DfJ/nxZIQANaccfjx9phCr6iP3cy53i16 iun/WHe0nxvGoVmVmj2SwyvXzQwI8nU5jvu2AwlJ2rVhgLQFACCyyWaEs2r5yyKn yT4hGgSwqCKbLk18ozaJ0NfCQD4PvCi/3I/8Gzy+iqRG87DVUbBtDWp1RDnnfovt mhp9JakZuKImuL/DJ0PNbA6hVYQvi1HoWVh/3j7WJQpQ9NjlLJhce43deTA9IPtx 3ggtd8/6BcAY5nui3YSfDp2p6EvAu8VnBjSvUOzmEr5YKkwI3CcGnLui5XMV8I0Z SUyq9wXb2p1ycTvR+p3rs+ZS4PF40Hmjp49ibojr/19Cv1CFic/mrRkEbgfBT8N1 LKJeLHJePE0B0JwUyZjTaMW8WffHztrBgt1ueJYkx8hQE/yDvrb5iCRapTQ9ffMA 1gPNyL13lRaYO8F6dHo/nMEdxDkR2ubgNvhu1jEwXOQDeeTSpMA5d0uZLm9m7y7c WlGk50FhD6BKnzpaq+emTEUkKlgVmi+DedHE5ipeveFEDaQ46l1rloW0u5mCOzZd /8pKzIyqMX78L0iHItx65LC/GX9gZvIp9dTeq5fjmPAic9kAfBNUdjJMdgg3boRB /nEuCZfdkdBENoqWYPhiZim59ap8vzQmOzck6E+KJp/vLmFyeL0vpTbhlz2ebDs3 n0R7GMOr3ZPEbshPROg4 =kxkb -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----