of IT System Intrusion

The identification of IT security issues is a prerequisite to successfully eliminating them. We are the market leader in the field of penetration testing in Germany as well as Europe. Testing the security of your IT-infrastructure will prevent unauthorized access to confidential data and personal information.

Digital Forensic

Addressing Threats –
Gathering Evidence

Every minute counts in an emergency – and each piece of information. Based on our many years of experience in identifying and assessing security vulnerabilities, we are able to assist and support our customers far beyond the simple analysis effort. 


Live Hacking

Experiencing Attacks – 
Raising Awareness

Be part of a live hacking event! In impressive presentations, our experts show that IT systems and devices can be easily hacked and data can be lost. 


Practising Safety – 
Improving Competence

In order to share their knowledge and experience, our IT security consultants are happy to offer a broad range of workshops covering a variety of relevant IT security aspects with the aim of training responsible security persons in your company. 

News from our pentest blog

Our new location in Tuebingen is nearly completed, and we will move in mid-May 2017. While moving is in progress, we will be only partially available from Thursday, May 11, 2017 in the afternoon until Monday, May 15. We will be fully operational again on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

Sebastian Schreiber demonstrates attacks on IT systems at London's Cloud Security Expo

The Managing Director of SySS GmbH participates as speaker at UK's biggest and best technology event

Radioactive Mouse States the Obvious

SySS Proof-of-Concept video demonstrates attack on IT systems based on the unsecure wireless communication of computer mice

New Security Vulnerabilities in Modern Wireless Desktop Sets

SySS publishes first results of research project on "Modern Wireless Desktop Sets" – Eight new SySS Security Advisories from Matthias Deeg and Gerhard Klostermeier


SySS-Schulung – Secu5: IT-Recht und Datenschutz für IT-Verantwortliche
09.05.2017 - 10.05.2017
SySS-Schulung – Secu3: Incident Detection
16.05.2017 - 18.05.2017
SySS-Schulung – Hack3: Angriffe gegen Windows-basierte Netzwerke